O.J. Simpson Pranksters Poke the Bear!

Nicole and O.J., New York, USA
Paul Hurschmann/AP/Shutterstock

Three giddy gals are being hailed as daring for waking a sleepy O.J. Simpson at 
1 a.m.!

In a viral video posted on TikTok, the twentysomethings – one of whom bears a resemblance to O.J.’s slain ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson — run into the ex-convict football star’s hotel room, shouting “let’s go,” “party time” and “wakey wakey!”

O.J. — who was acquitted of the bloody murders of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman in 1995, but found guilty in a later civil trial — can be seen in bed, shirtless and somewhat confused.

“Those girls probably didn’t realize they were playing with fire,” says an insider. “What they pulled off was very daring. O.J. is NOT the kind of guy you want to get mad — especially if you’re young and blonde!”