No Escape From Glen Campbell’s Memory Loss Torture!

Glen campbell ne short

Glen Campbell’s rapidly declining health has forced his loved ones to put him back in the hospital after the 79-year-old Alzheimer’s- stricken star was discovered eating soap! 

The “Rhinestone Cowboy” is now in a memory-care facility after an earlier move back to the family home turned disastrous, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

In an exclusive interview, Glen’s former daughter-in-law said the six-time Grammy winner was relocated to ensure his wellbeing.

“It’s not safe for him to be at home,” Alexandria Campbell told The ENQUIRER. “But it doesn’t come without a heavy heart.

“The whole family would love for him to be at home, but it’s impossible. He wanders. And sadly, when he was staying with me, he took soap and tried to drink it.”

“It was just more than I could handle,” confessed fourth wife Kim, 57.

Glen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011, and was moved into a Nashville area facility in April 2014.

Sadly, as The ENQUIRER reported in June, Glen had lost the ability to speak, except to mumble, “I love you.”

Despite that, he was moved to be home with his wife and children, Shannon, Ashley and Nicklaus, this summer.

Unfortunately, after seven weeks, Glen — who famously battled addictions to cocaine and booze over the years — had to be transported to a new facility.

Since Glen’s move, she said he’s “smiling and happy,” and the family had planned to celebrate Thanksgiving with him.

“He seems content and loving,” Alexandria added. “He always gives us a big hug.”