Nicole Richie’s Boob Job The Breast Ever, Say Docs!

Nicole kidman splash

Once-bony Nicole Richie’s cups runneth over!

While the fashionista hasn’t admitted to going under the knife, medical experts agree her new breasts are among the best that money can buy!

“She appears to have rounder, fuller breasts with an increased bust size that only a silicone implant can bring,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle M. Back, who has not treated Nicole. “These are conservative implants which create – at most – a full B or small C cup.”

The reality TV star’s long-running battle with eating disorders has been well-documented by The National ENQUIRER.

As we reported in Jan. 2014, the 5-foot-1 mother of two had melted to a frightening 87 pounds.

“She was at a scary level of skinny,” said Dr. Back, adding that extreme weight loss can permanently affect the size of a woman’s breasts. “But she seems to have gained back healthy weight from the waist down, at least. It also seems that she’s given her breasts a little extra help to complement her new curves.”

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated Nicole, 33, said: “Her surgeon did a classy job.”

Dr. Back agreed, adding: “As a celebrity patient told me recently, ‘Doc, I don’t want it to look really obvious that I’ve had them done, but I don’t want them to look like I haven’t either!’”