ENOUGH is enough of this rock star lifestyle!” Fed up with husband Joel Mad­den’s hectic life as a musician, Nicole Richie ordered the Good Charlotte rocker to ditch his band – threatening to leave him and take their children if he didn’t start devoting more time to their family.

Nicole, 30, and Joel, 32, were married in a fairy-tale winter wonderland wedding last December, but the “honeymoon is definitely over” now, ac­cording to an insider.

“They’ve been having marital problems, mostly centered around Joel’s intense work commitments related to his band,” the insider continued. “Nicole has been complaining nonstop that Joel is like an absentee parent. When he’s not sequestered in the studio with his band mates, he’s touring the globe.

“This isn’t the life Nicole wants for her kids.”

The couple are parents to daughter Harlow, 3, and son Sparrow, 2.

Last year, The ENQUIRER reported that Nicole suffered an emotional break­down because she worried that Joel had chosen work over family. She was also consumed by fears that he was cheating and was buckling under the stress of juggling work and kids.

Despite her past complaints, Joel and Good Charlotte embarked on a world tour that just wrapped up in August. And they still have a sched­uled festival gig in Russia in October.

Finally, Nicole put her foot down. “She wants Joel to grow up and settle down,” said the insider. “She still wor­ries that he’ll stray. Nicole is constantly texting and calling Joel throughout the day to check in with him to make sure he’s not up to no good.

When Joel announced a few weeks ago that he intended to go back into the studio to work on new material, she flipped. She tore into him and threatened to leave with the kids unless he recommitted himself to family life.

“She forced him into a corner and made him choose family over career. So he reluctantly announced to his band mates that they needed a break.”

Added the source. “Joel adores Nicole and wants to work through their problems.”