DONALD TRUMP is in “secret talks” to run for president in 2016 after a new national poll has him beating out top Republican names for the nomination.

The National ENQUIRER can reveal that the billionaire businessman – and star of NBC’s “The Apprentice” – is meeting with Washington, D.C., insiders clamoring for The Donald to take on expected Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House!

Even former doubters have woken up to the popularity of the real estate mogul, with Donald as the most popular candidate in a political survey that included top GOP contenders like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

“There is a groundswell of support from all across America for Donald Trump to run in 2016,” Michael Cohen, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, told The ENQUIRER. “If this poll is any indication, he’s already trounced Jeb Bush, Christie, Huckabee, Rubio and Palin!”

But Michael cautioned that Donald hasn’t made up his mind about a presidential run, and a source said: “They’re in secret meetings discussing that very thing right now. Donald is clearly interested.”

Donald shocked political pundits with a January appearance at the 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit, where he took to the podium and upstaged plenty of the GOP’s biggest names – with one report noting that the popular personality “scored some of the day’s biggest applause lines.”

In a previous exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER, Donald said he would be prepared to tap into his massive personal fortune of more than $6 billion to finance a presidential campaign, ensuring that he could run as a candidate who isn’t tied to corporate special interests.

And Donald hasn’t been shy about his views on the Obama administration. “America is being laughed at by the rest of the world – and things must change before it’s too late,” Donald told The ENQUIRER. “Today, Americans feel as if we’re the whipping post for other countries. We will not be a great country in the not-too-distant future if we don’t change our ways!”

The 68-year-old father of five also told The ENQUIRER his Slovenian-born model wife, Melania, would make a terrific First Lady.

“Melania is a good person and a phenomenal mother,” he said. “She’s proud to be an American citizen, and she sees the problems we face in this country.”