“NCIS” star PAULEY PERRETTE nearly needed a crime scene investigation of her own after being hospitalized from hair dye trauma.

Fan fave Pauley, 45,  who plays gothic forensic sci-gal Abby Sciuto on the hit CBS show Tweeted she  dyed her hair black and suddenly had a ER-reaction.

“Did my head look a bit puffy on the red carpet last night? Turns out I was having a dangerous allergic reaction to hair dye,” Perrette twetted her 500k social netweork fan base, posting a pic of her seemingly disfigured, swollen face taken in her hospital gown.

“This was me at the hospital today and it got worse,” the caption read.

It’s an acquired allergy for people that dye their hair for years,” she tweeted. “Was in ER. Just got home from hospital. Awful. My head swelled up huge like a melon.”

She’s now warning others about the problem, saying it can be especially bad for people who use black hair dye.

“Please google ‘hair dye allergy’. Know the symptoms. It can be fatal. People have died. For real.”