NATIONAL ENQUIRER EXCLUSIVE: Tori’s Post-Baby Plans — Plastic Surgery!


New parents Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott plan on treating themselves to a post-baby gift — his-and-hers plastic surgery!

After their 6-pound, 6-ounce son Liam Aaron arrived on March 13, sources say Tori made appointments for her and Dean to get facial touch-ups.

“Tori and Dean are marching in to get Botox injections. She’ll also have her lips plumped with Restylane,” an insider told the ENQUIRER.

“While Tori usually gets injections every two months, she put them on hold after she got pregnant. But the last time she went in, she took Dean along for some Botox and made a convert out of him.”

And Tori, who’s admitted to having breast implants and a nose job, has told pals that she may undergo yet another procedure called mesotherapy.

The treatment uses combinations of different medications injected into the fat layer under the skin in small quantities. It was originally used to treat osteoarthritis and chronic pain, but doctors found it also helped reduce cellulite, wrinkles, hair loss and fat deposits.

Mesotherapy injections typically contain a mix of vitamins, homeopathic medicines, herbal extracts and pharmaceuticals.

“Although it’s still a controversial treatment, many people feel it’s potentially less dangerous than liposuction,” said the insider.