Olympic ice queen NANCY KERRIGAN’s brother pleads with judge in connection with the death of their father.

Mark Kerrigan is asking a judge to go back to prison to serve out the remainder of his assault and battery sentence in connection with the death of their 70-year-old father, Daniel Kerrigan.

Kerrigan , 47, was just released from a Massachusetts jail on July 27 after serving a portion of his 2 ½ years sentence; six months were suspended and he was credited for another four months that he spent behind bars awaiting trial.  He was convicted in May 2011.

He is going to return to Middlesex Superior Court and ask the judge to return him to the Middlesex House of Corrections, which is estimated to be between six and eight months, Probation Department spokeswoman Coria Holland told the Boston Herald.

Holland said Kerrigan has not violated his probation or committed a crime, but returning to jail would exempt him from the conditions of his early release, which including attending AA meetings, anger management and certified batterers classes and mental health counseling.

During his trial the prosecutor told jurors Kerrigan was an "angry, mean, nasty, drunk son" who killed his father on January 24, 2010.  His attorney claimed their father's longstanding heart disease was to blame for his death, reported.