AFTER years of staying under the radar, Mon­ica Lewinsky recently bared her soul in a head­line-making magazine essay – but sources say the scandal-scarred brunette failed to mention that she’s now looking for love with women!

While the former White House intern moaned about how her kinky sexcapades with ex-president Bill Clinton ruined her life, sources tell The ENQUIRER that behind the scenes Monica is desperate to start a family with a lady love.

The chubby 40-year-old also fears that her never-end­ing battle of the bulge could trigger a health crisis that will cut her life short, insiders add.

“Monica plans to get serious about losing weight and finally move on with her life,” said a source. “And that means settling down with a ‘wife’ and children.”

Monica has remained single af­ter a string of failed romances with men, including MTV comedian Tom Green, filmmaker Mick Reed and married high school teacher Andy Bleiler. But sources say she’s now apparently embraced the idea of dating women.

“Monica has many gay male pals, including Broadway star Alan Cumming, and they’ve convinced her to dive into same-sex relations,” noted the insider.

Back in 2000, The ENQUIRER reported that Monica was “testing the waters” with women, includ­ing “The Practice” actress Camryn Manheim, AIDS activist Victoria Leacock and hat designer Ivy Supersonic. Monica – cruelly dubbed a “portly pepperpot” at the height of the “Zippergate” scandal with Clinton – complained in the June issue of “Vanity Fair” that the notori­ety from her Oval Office canoodling prevented her from finding a mean­ingful job and triggered emotional and romantic struggles.

As The ENQUIRER reported, one of her biggest heartbreaks came when she had an abortion during the height of her dalliances with the president.

 There’s been speculation that the baby might have been Clin­ton’s, but Monica has said the father was a Pentagon worker named Thomas Longstreth, who died in 2009.

“Monica feels humiliation and shame,” Dr. Judy Kuriansky, clinical psychologist and author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship,” who has not treated Monica, told The ENQUIRER. “I think she’s been traumatized enough not to have a healthy relationship (with men). Poor Monica can’t trust a man.”

The stress of being unable to escape her tawdry past pushed Monica to stuff herself with food, sending her weight soaring to nearly 275 pounds, as The ENQUIRER reported in October 2012.

“Monica hasn’t fared much better in the eating department since then,” a friend of the un­employable former intern told The ENQUIRER after a recent get-together.

And an expert who has not treated Monica warns that she could be a walking time bomb health-wise.

“She clearly appears to be obese, and that puts her at risk of developing breast and uterine cancer,” Dr. John McDougall, founder of the renowned health plan known as the McDougall Program, who has not treated Monica, told The ENQUIRER.

Other concerns include developing Type 2 diabetes, os­teoarthritis of the hips, knees and ankles, as well as increased risk of heart disease, stroke and Parkinson’s disease, he said.

Despite Monica’s fears that her weight may lead to a life-threat­ening medical crisis, the friend added: “She’s determined to have a happy family life, and not raise her child as a single mom.”