Need a MONICA LEWINSKY scandal stained personal artifact for your HALL OF SHAME? A very special black beret? A good Havana? Get ready to bid as Monica’s slinky black negligee and MORE hit the auction block!

Amidst the most controversial personal scandal ever to hit the White House, ending with the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, another affair came to light during the investigation in 1998, as Lewinsky’s former lover publicly admitted to the five-year affair, turning over each of these items to Kenneth Starr for further investigation.

A collection of 32 classic Monica Lewinsky items is up for auction, each of which was originally gifted by Monica to her former high-school teacher, Andy Bleiler, whom she had a 5-year affair with.

These artifacts became evidence in the Kenneth Starr investigation to impeach President Clinton.

The Lewinsky collection are being auctioned on June 27th by Nate D. Sanders Auction at

“Items owned by Monica Lewinsky, especially relating to the Clinton scandal and Ken Starr investigation are exceedingly rare,” said Nate D. Sanders. “This is, to my knowledge, the only collection of this nature to come to light."

Varied collection includes White House keepsakes, including a Bill Clinton typed letter signed on White House stationery and addressed to Mr. Bleiler per Lewinsky's request, as well as photographs, handwritten personal letters by Lewinsky, and items of clothing gifted to Bleiler’s wife by Lewinsky, including a black negligee. 

Letters are dated during the Lewinsky-Clinton affair with one handwritten letter signed by Monica: “…am I good at lying through my teeth or what…”

Photos and additional information can be found here: Monica Lewinsky Hot Lot