Monaco Princess Out of Hiding!

Princess Charlene

Monaco’s troubled Princess Charlene made her first public appearance since a five-month stint in a Swiss mental health clinic, but she wasn’t smiling!

The 44-year-old blonde was snapped with cheating hubby Prince Albert and their seven-year-old twins, Gabriella and Jacques, at Monaco’s car-racing E-Prix, where a source says, “Princess Charlene looks pensive.”

Ironically, Albert, 64, who currently supports two love children, but denies a recent claim of a third, was waving and beaming as if 
he had everything under control.

But as GLOBE has reported, Charlene, a former Olympic backstroker for South Africa, has never seemed to fit in as the cooperative royal wife.

Before their 2011 marriage, the beauty tried to bolt to South Africa three times, once taking refuge in her country’s embassy. But sources claim she couldn’t skip town because Monaco officials kept her passport.

In January 2021, weeks after a woman filed suit in Italy claiming Albert fathered her 16-year-old daughter in 2006 — at a time he was also wooing Charlene — the princess split for South Africa.

Despite Albert’s denial of the paternity claim, Charlene remained in South Africa for ten months amid claims she had surgery for a sinus problem that kept her from flying.

She returned in November, but just one week later was shipped off to the Swiss clinic to recover from “exhaustion, both emotional and physical,” according to Albert. “She was overwhelmed and couldn’t face official duties, life in general or even family life.”

While in Switzerland, Charlene was forced to undergo violent electroshock treatments at the mental clinic, spies say.

She returned home on March 17, and a later Easter family photo showed Albert looking “tense” and Charlene appearing affectionate with daughter Gabriella.

Royal journalist Stephane Bern believes Charlene is “crying wolf” and has used health crises to keep from appearing at public events with Albert.

“The palace has had to invoke a suffering princess so often that the [people of Monaco] today find it hard to believe,” says Bern.