Miranda Lambert Ditches Dieting!

After shedding 35 pounds last year in a desperate bid to save her relationship with Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert is bulking up again – and pals fear her expanding waistline could weigh down their marriage!

“Miranda has thrown in the towel on dieting, and that has Blake feeling like she’s just letting herself go,” a source close to the couple said.

“He wants her slim and fit – not pudgy and porking out!”

The 5-foot-4 country cutie had whittled herself down to a sexy 105 pounds last year.

But Miranda hasn’t been able to avoid temptation while on the road, and insiders said the combination of “marital stress, boredom and loneliness” on tour has led her back to self-destructive eating habits.

The 31-year-old “Kerosene” singer recently confessed she’s gone on “blow out” food benders while on tour.

“Miranda has been gorging on biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, pork-fried potato chips and beer and margaritas,” said one insider.

“She’s also ditched her strict exercise regime because of her grueling schedule.”

The results have horrified her hubby, and left Miranda bingeing more and more each day.

“She’s gained about 10 pounds back, and Blake is worried Miranda’s weight is going to explode again,” divulged a close source.

“Now he’s needling her about staying in shape, and she lashes back at him for being superficial,” added the source – who suggested the issue could spell doom for the marriage!

“Last year they battled about Blake’s drinking, and now this,” the source said.

“It’s like food is taking his place in her life.”