TV legend Michael J. Fox has bounced back from Parkinson’s disease in a big way!

As this touching photo shows, the 48- year-old father of four looks healthier and more vibrant than he’s been in years.

Michael, his wife Tracy and their four kids — who range in age from 8 to 20 — spent a day at Disneyland on Dec. 21.

Michael rode the wildest rides and had a ball. His health didn’t seem to be a factor.

“His condition has improved incredibly,” said a family friend.

Michael semiretired from acting in 2000 as his symptoms worsened. During several public appearances over the last decade, he has shocked fans by suffering tremors and looking unhealthy.

But these days, he appears rejuvenated.

He’s just finished his third book and he’s got a string of Hollywood projects in the works.

Fox credits new drugs and other treatments for his improvement. “Tracy and the kids kept him going during his worst times,” said the friend. “And believe me, there were some very bleak days. But that’s what makes this rebound all the more joyous. Michael takes nothing for granted and lives for the moment.”

His new book — scheduled to be released in April — is titled “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future – Life Lessons From a High School Dropout.” It’s a humorous take on Michael’s advice for young people.

“Michael knows that with Parkinson’s, a setback could be just around the corner. So he makes the most of the good times.”

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