With the GOP contenders in disarray and America in crisis, the clarion call has gone forth for DONALD TRUMP to reconsider running for President!
According to Michael Cohen, the Executive Vice President and Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump as well as the co-founder of, it’s time for the people’s choice, Trump to throw his hat back into the ring.
“Despite Mr. Trump’s Republican withdrawal from the Presidential primary race, the never ending phone calls and e-mails to, demanding that I get Mr. Trump to reconsider, continue,”Cohen told ABC News.
“The million plus visitors to the site, all worried for our country, are all asking where in the world is Donald J. Trump? The underlying theme in their message is “we agree with the common sense principles Mr. Trump has put forth.” Nevertheless, none of our elected officials have embraced them to make America great again.
 “If we are to return to greatness, we need a leader who will be unafraid to tell Americans the unvarnished truth on where we stand today,”
“Instead of bowing to foreign kings and apologizing to dignitaries for our superpower status, we need a new President who will ensure that America becomes respected again. 
“These are the principles we as Americans, are seeking…irrespective of party. Could we see Donald Trump re-enter the race at the right time as an Independent?
"Millions of us certainly hope so!”
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