Miley Cyrus Twerks her Butt off!

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Bummed-out Miley Cyrus fears her flabby rear may leave her younger beau feeling flat, so the self-conscious star is seeking to boost her lackluster caboose, tipsters exclusively tell The National ENQUIRER.

Sources snitch the twiggy, twerking “Can’t Be Tamed” singer, 29, is unhappy with her droopy derriere and wants a Brazilian butt lift to plump up her profile for drummer Maxx Morando, 23.

The cosmetic procedure involves a surgeon using liposuction to collect tummy or back fat and then injecting it into the buttocks to create a more rounded rear.

“Miley does have some insecurities, especially when it comes to her body,” spills an insider. “Her flat butt has been giving her grief for some time. But she’s finally going to do something 
about it.”

However, doctors consulted by The ENQUIRER say judging by the songbird’s beak, she’s likely no stranger to going under the knife!

“It does appear she may have had rhinoplasty to thin her nose,” observes Michigan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn. “It definitely looks more refined compared to earlier.”

But Youn warns the lean pop provocateur may not be a good candidate for the Brazilian butt procedure and adds, “In someone as thin as Miley, there is unlikely to be enough fat to harvest to inject.”

“Her other options would be a buttock implant, which has a high risk of complications, or one of the muscle-stimulating devices, which can mildly lift and plump the buttocks.”

Seattle-based plastic surgeon Dr. Javad Sajan suggests the former “Hannah Montana” cutie could always intentionally gain 15 to 20 pounds to provide doctors with sufficient fat to pump up her skimpy assets.

“Miley’s buttocks are deflated,” Sajan says. “She would benefit from a fat transfer or Brazilian butt lift.”

Insiders spill the divorced diva — who split from ex-hubby Liam Hemsworth, 32, in 2019 — has become more self-conscious since she started dating Maxx late 
last year.

“She wants to look sexy for him and keep him focused on her — and not on other girls his own age,” dishes the insider. “In her mind, having a fuller, lifted butt could solve all her issues.”

The doctors quoted in this article have not treated Miley Cyrus.