Miley Cyrus’ Overdose Drama!

Mileys overdose drama ne short

Miley Cyrus is on her way to a drug-addled early grave!

That’s the fear among worried friends and family of the outrageous singer who are scared the pop starlet will accidentally kill herself with a cocktail of illegal drugs, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

“It’s almost happened already,” revealed one source, detailing the 22-year-old’s dirty secret from a week before her Oct. 3 appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

“Right before rehearsals started, Miley went camping with her group of friends that all do drugs,” said an insider. “One of her friends told her to lick some weird banana slug, and she got really sick!

“Her tongue swelled out of her mouth and she had to take antibiotics and steroid shots all week! She made no attempt to keep it to herself on the ‘SNL’ set.

“She still had a full-body rash that makeup spent over an hour on in an attempt to hide!”

Licking banana slugs produces a sensation of numbness in your tongue and mouth, like the drug novocaine, which is commonly used during surgery and childbirth.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer, who has hosted “SNL” three times, was “stoned for the entire show,” declared another mole.

“She was smoking blunts all week long!” said the source. “Last time she hosted, the cast knew her to work her ass off in rehearsal, but as soon as that ended, she partied her face off. This time, she was smoking weed nonstop throughout rehearsals! When the show was over, she was so stoned her eyes were almost completely shut!”

In January, The ENQUIRER exposed Miley’s hard-core drug use from inside the wild child’s drug den — a room in her California mansion where she binges on marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms and cocaine.

“Miley has a great work ethic,” added the source. “But her friends are convinced she’ll probably die from doing some weird drug in the woods — like a banana slug!”