Mike Walker

Miley Cyrus’ Fiance In Mermaid Panic

Liam Hemsworth swears he spotted an underwater siren!

liam hemsworth & miley cyrus

Mike Walker reports …. Don’t you DARE call this “a fishy tale” because studly Liam “Not Liar” Hemsworth swears that after scary pursuit by swarming sharks while surfing in Malibu, he raced to shore and phoned fiancée Miley Cyrus with an even saltier tale — swearing to Sweetie he’d spotted “an actual, real-life MERMAID” flailing her shapely tail beneath the waves, a source claims!

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Swore My Surfside Spy: “Even though Liam was convinced he’d seen a real, LIVE mermaid, he figured no one would ever believe him, but nearly swallowed his surfboard when Miley burst into giggles and assured him he was NOT nuts — a local woman was spooking/cracking up local folks by swimming with an elaborate 25-pound fishtail

… attached to HER tail!!” (Ahoy, folks … it’s HOLLYWOOD!)