Mike Walker

Miley Cyrus Freaks Over Fiancé’s Eye For Jennifer Lawrence

Puts strict kibosh on 'Hunger Games' reunion talk!

miley cyrus jennifer lawrence feud
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Mike Walker Reports…   Miley Cyrus slammed her pixie foot down when she discovered hunky Aussie fiancé Liam Hemsworth was looking to sign a movie deal with sexy former “Hunger Games” co-star/cutie Jennifer Lawrence!

Femme fatale J-Law famously confessed to behind-the-screen kissing (and Lord knows what else?) with Miley’s brawny beefcake during on the “Hunger Games” set!

Dished My Miley Spy: “Miley absolutely hit the roof!

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“She’d already seen fire-engine red and lambasted Liam after Jennifer kissed and told on a TV show that she’d played ravenous hunger games with Liam when cameras weren’t rolling during filming of their hit flick, adding, ‘He’s hot — who wouldn’t!?’

“Miley hasn’t forgiven, nor forgotten — and she’s forbidden Liam to co-star ever again with hunger-driven Jennifer!

“Miley flat-out told him, ‘Fuggedabouitit!… Ain’t happening, ever!’