Miley Cyrus’ Big-buck$$ Brainstorm Solves Liam-snoooore Dilemma!

Pop star buys $2.5 million pad to escape Hemsworth's night sounds.

Liam hemsworth miley cyrus snore
Getty Images
ONLY $2.5 MILLION?? I’LL … snooooore! TAKE IT!! Happily re-engaged to briefly estranged fiancé Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus got un-happily reacquainted with Loverboy’s major horrible habit — he snores like a revving racecar! So when news surfaced that the Malibu pad right next door to Liam’s was up for sale, Cyrus SWOOPED — snatching it for $2.5 million! Giggled My Spy: “Miley loves Liam to death and says he doesn’t snore all the time, but when he does … it sounds like he’s blowing up the roof over their heads! The racket wakes her up and she can’t get back to sleep, so she shelled out big buck$$ so she can tip-toe out of their bedroom, snag a silent night’s sleep at her own home next door — then creep back into bed well-rested and ready for … er, breakfast!” Or WHATEVAH!!

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