Mickey Rooney’s Family: Call In The Cops!

Mickey rooney short

The family of late Hollywood film legend Mickey Rooney is demanding an immediate police investigation into his death after learning the signature on his will could be bogus!

Mickey’s daughter Kelly, 56, made the impassioned plea during a heartbreaking exclusive interview with The National ENQUIRER.

“There are so many suspicious things surrounding his death,” she told The ENQUIRER. “I would like to see a police investigation so that they could look into everything!”

Kelly, along with the rest of Mickey’s biological children, has serious concerns about the will, which was signed just before his death.

The ENQUIRER commissioned Peggy Walla, a Texas-based forensic document and handwriting examiner, to investigate the will’s validity.

“There are some significant changes there that he would not have done if he had been in the right mental state,” Peggy told The ENQUIRER after examining Mickey’s signature from a 2003 legal document and the 2014 will.

“There is a high probability the writer is unaware of what was being signed — a person with diminished comprehension,” Peggy added. “We always thought there was a problem with the will,” Kelly told The ENQUIRER.

“Now with the handwriting analysis, our worst fears are realized.” William Birnes, the co-author of “The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney,” deemed the findings by Peggy disturbing and said: “At the very least we are looking at a fraud!”

At the time of his death at age 93, Mickey was under the care of his stepson Mark and Mark’s wife, Charlene, when he collapsed in their home.

Prior to that he lived with eighth wife and Mark’s mother, Jan Chamberlin, and her son Chris Aber, who were both accused of abusing the 5-foot-2 actor.

Kelly told The ENQUIRER she clipped several strands of her father’s hair at the funeral because “it would show if he had been poisoned.”

“To me, and to the rest of my siblings, they (Jan and her sons) stole him from us,” Kelly said, breaking down in tears. Chris, who is estranged from his brother, alleged he accidentally intercepted pharmaceutical catalogues listing various poisons mailed to Mickey via the production company run by Mark.

“It was weird, really weird,” Chris told The ENQUIRER. “There is no reason why they would want to use those things.”

While Mark has denied mailing poisons, and Chris has denied abusing Mickey, Chris also said: “I would like a police investigation into his death because it all seems pretty suspicious — all the things that led up to his death.”