Mick Jagger’s ex Can’t Get no Satisfaction From Al Pachino

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Aging Al Pacino’s cradle-robbing romance with much-younger socialite Noor Alfallah doesn’t stand a chance — according to insiders who believe she may be a serial sugarbaby who likes the lifestyle that older, wealthier men can provide!

“Noor likes being around men who can lavish her with gifts, take her to exotic places and live a life of luxury,” an insider snitches. “Then she gets bored and moves on to another one!”

The 28-year-old film producer turned heads when she dated wrinkly rocker Mick Jagger in 2017 when he was 74 years old. The romance went on for three years, but sources say Mick was never too serious about her and saw other people during the relationship.

Following the end of their romance, Noor said their age difference “didn’t matter” to her and she was soon linked to 91-year-old Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, though she insisted they were just “friends.”

In 2018, she dated 60-year-old billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, who insiders say treated her like “a princess” during their months-long relationship.

Sources claim the dark-haired beauty — who is 54 years Al’s junior — sees the 82-year-old “Godfather” great less as a lothario and more like a father figure, no matter how hard he tries!

“Al does his best to seem young with the wolfish hairdo and jazzy dark outfits, but it’s hard to believe that Noor thinks of him as anything more than an elderly companion who can show her the finer things in life.”

Still, dating Noor has been like a youth serum for the never-married “Scarface” legend, sources say.

“Al’s certainly got a skip in his step since hooking up with Noor,” dishes an insider. “But he’s deluding himself if he thinks he’s still the young, handsome Michael Corleone who was a ladykiller way back in the 1970s.”

Insiders say Al has been warned by family and friends to not expect things to work out with Noor and enjoy the relationship for what it is — a fun time with somebody who can make him feel younger.

But Sea of Love star Pacino appeared to look every bit his age while out for a group dinner with Noor and friends in L.A. recently.

“He’s not as quick on his feet as he used to be and looks weary on those late-night dates,” snarks a source. “Still, you have to give Al a lot of credit. He power-walks and dances to music on his phone and knows a lot about art and film.”

“Al seems to be smitten with Noor,” a source spills. “He just needs to limit his expectations for the romance.”