Michelle vs Hillary: Brass Knuckle Brawl!

Michelle vs Hillary
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Former first ladies Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are waging a furious cold war for power on two fronts — Washington and Hollywood — as they both secretly plan to take President Joe Biden’s job, insiders say!

Beltway sources insist the bitter enemies intend to chase the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2024 — and jealous Hillary, 74, also wants a slice of the financial pie Michelle, 58, baked in Tinseltown with TV and movie deals.

“These are two women who truly have a vicious rivalry,” declares Texas-based political pundit Alex Stein. “They both want the same things and are willing to step over each other to get them.”

As previously reported, insiders say former President Barack Obama, 60, is pushing buttons behind the scenes to position his wife as the 2024 Democratic nominee while Hillary’s making moves of her own.

“Hillary and her hubby, Bill, would do anything in their power to derail Michelle’s candidacy,” insists presidential historian Robert Morrow, co-author of The Clintons’ War on Women.

“Hillary and the former president have never gotten over her losing the 2008 nomination to Barack. They will do anything to block Michelle’s path to the presidency.”

Hillary is also furious the Obamas didn’t do more to help her win the 2016 presidential election against Donald Trump. She now thinks their motivation may have been to establish Michelle as a future presidential candidate, says Morrow.

Podcast powerhouse Joe Rogan says, “Michelle’s great, she’s articulate, she’s intelligent — and she can win.”

Democratic Party operatives also insist Michelle’s rock star status makes her the best hope for a victory since Biden’s age and Hillary’s political baggage remain major obstacles.

“Biden is going to be 81, and Hillary has a record of losing elections and of skeletons in her closet, from her husband’s affairs to her own embarrassments,” Morrow says.

An insider adds Hillary is livid Barack has used his political contacts to help Michelle set up her voter registration organization We All Vote and recruited an army of 100,000 volunteers to put an “organization in place to make her run at replacing Joe.”

“Hillary still thinks she’s superior to any other candidate, especially Michelle, who she believes has leapfrogged her without her background or experience!” Morrow says.

According to sources, the gals’ guerrilla war is also being waged in Hollywood, where the Obamas, worth an estimated $70 million, have built their own showbiz empire with a ­Netflix deal and are looking to add film and TV projects with their Higher Ground Productions!

Sources describe Hillary as insanely jealous and lusting after a piece of that action!

Hillary and daughter Chelsea, 42, have been in talks with studios about “a pipeline of programs” aimed at influencing culture and society. Hillary recently announced plans to turn her first novel, State of Terror, into a Hollywood thriller!

“Hillary is out to prove she can be a player, too,” insists the insider. “Not only is she producing a movie, it’s from a book that she co-wrote, and she’s crowing all over town that she’s already outdoing Michelle, which is pretty insulting.”

While both Clinton and Obama are still playing coy about their White House ambitions, pundit Morrow doesn’t believe Hillary stands a chance to beat Michelle.

“Hillary is too toxic to win any election in 2024,” he says. “Unfortunately, her time has passed.”