HOLLYWOOD, here she comes! After her surprise Oscar cameo, MICHELLE OBAMA is fast-tracking a plan to host a TV talk show and launch an acting career – while she’s still first lady!

“BUT Barack has warned her her to focus on issues that are more proper for a first lady, such as educa­tion and healthy eating for children. He’s told Michelle that if she accepts any offers for TV or movie gigs while he’s in office, it will blow up his pres­idency.”

But sources say President Barack Obama doesn’t want his wife “going Hollywood” until after they leave the White House.

“Michelle has been bitten by the Hollywood bug bad,” said a source

 But sources say the 49-year-old first lady isn’t willing to sit on her hands. “Michelle wants a TV studio in the White House where she can host a celebrity talk show, and she wants to spend more time in Hollywood pursuing movie and TV roles,” said the insider.

“She’s told Barack, ‘I helped get you re-elected. Now let me do what I want – and I’m not going to wait four years!’”

Michelle was the sur­prise of the Feb. 24 Oscar telecast when she presented the Academy Award for best picture via a live feed from the White House.

T hat followed re­cent spots on “Late Night with Jimmy Fal­lon” and “Rachael Ray,” and a guest-starring role on the Nickelode­on sitcom “iCarly.”

She’s also done “Late Show with David Letterman” four times and appeared on “Dr. Oz,” “The View,” “The Tonight Show,” “Ellen” and the reality TV show “The Biggest Loser.”

While Michelle insists her TV gigs are to promote her “Let’s Move!” campaign to fight child­hood obesity, others disagree.

“She’s pretty obviously greas­ing the wheels for a show business career,” said another source.

And she’s come under fire from some critics. “Washing­ton Post” columnist Jennifer Rubin complained that “she is the first lady for goodness sakes. She’s not a Hollywood celebrity.”

And FOX news commen­tator Bill O’Reilly scoffed that it was all “propaganda to make (the Obamas) look glamorous.”

BUT ONE TV HOTSHOT believes Mrs. Obama would be a dyna­mite talk-show host.

“Daytime syndicators are des­perate for a new voice, and she is tailor-made for it,” said former CNN president Jon Klein.

The source added: “Michelle has made friends with George Clooney and Will Smith, and she’s also a big fan of directors like Steven Spielberg and Kath­ryn Bigelow. That whole world is open to her. It’s just a question of timing, and whether she’ll jump in fully before she leaves the White House.”