FLOTUS furious as femme fatale rival lobbies for most scandalous role of ALL – MRS. BARACK OBAMA.

SEXY “Scandal” beauty Kerry Washing­ton is lobbying to play Michelle Obama in a new TV movie, and sources say the first lady is furious!

Michelle, 49, suspects that President Barack Obama has the hots for Kerry, 35, and as The ENQUIRER reported, flew into a jealous rage at her hubby for inviting the actress to his inauguration.

Now sources say that Kerry’s desire to portray Michelle on film has sent the first lady over the edge.

“Its’ the final insult,” said a source close to Mrs. Obama. “It’s only going to cause more sparks in the White House.”

The first couple’s 20-year marriage has been fragile for years, with sources tell­ing The ENQUIRER that Michelle met with divorce lawyers on three occasions, and once ordered divorce papers be prepared.

When then-Sen. Obama began campaigning for the White House in 2008, Michelle even grilled her husband to make sure he didn’t have any extramarital skeletons in his closet.

But Michelle’s jealousy kicked into high gear after the president appointed Kerry to his arts and humanities committee, and then chose the “Django Unchained” stunner to speak at last summer’s Democratic conven­tion.

“Kerry may have no idea how smitten Barack is with her, but Michelle clearly has her claws out,” a White House source told The ENQUIRER. “Michelle was furious when she found out Kerry had been in­vited to the inauguration, and ripped into Barack, telling him, ‘Stay away from that woman!’

“Her jealous rage put a damper on the inauguration festivities, but at least the meltdown took place behind closed doors.”

In a desperate bid to win back her husband’s attention, Michelle even got a new hair­style that takes years off her appearance, and closely resembles Kerry’s look.

Now the tables are turned and Kerry wants to imitate the first lady! “There’s a controversial script making the rounds in Hollywood that explores Michelle’s rise from a Chicago hospital administrator to first lady,” said an insider.

“Kerry has instructed her agents to make damn sure she’s in the running for the lead.

“In addition to building a portfolio of herself as the first lady, Kerry is picking over Michelle’s past, and studying her mannerisms and unique personality traits so she can portray her style.

“Kerry wants to make sure she can blow her competition out of the water. But most of all, she’s hoping she’ll get a chance to spend time doing ‘research’ with the president!”