Michelle Obama Caroline Kennedy Affair

Livid MICHELLE OBAMA rips into CAROLINE after wild romp with Barack – insider.

It was an international incident when a furious First Lady ripped into Ambassador to Japan CAROLINE KENNEDY over her secret relations with the “Commander in Cheat!”

The “ugly” showdown happened as soon as Michelle Obama landed in Tokyo as part of her tour of the Far East.

“Michelle was so disgusted with Caroline that she could barely even look at her!” an insider dished to The National ENQUIRER.

The tension erupted in a private moment after a joint appearance March 18 when an unimpressed Michelle unleashed a verbal takedown on the 57-year-old daughter of President John F. Kennedy.

Said the insider: “Michelle ripped Caroline good, telling her to ‘keep your hands off my husband,’ and for her to ‘stick to the business of why he put you here in the first place!’”

Michelle had reason to confront Caroline, as The ENQUIRER has reported.

When Barack visited Japan last spring, candid photos showed the President canoodling with his appointment to the prestigious position of Japanese Ambassador.

The controversy mounted when a top member of the Japanese government noted Michelle’s absence and blamed it on a marital rift!

Kazuyuki Hamada said: “It is an open secret that the pair are already negotiating a divorce, and that they are waiting for his term in office to be over – and then they’ll separate.”

Revealed an insider: “Michelle also ripped Caroline for not publicly defending her over the remarks made by the Japanese official.  Michelle told her, ‘You hung me out to dry!’”

THE WRATH of Michelle was just the start of Caroline’s woes, following news that she was the subject of recent death threats.

The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo reportedly received the chilling messages last month.  Added the source: “Between the drubbing from Michelle and the threats becoming publicly known, this just wasn’t Caroline’s week!”