Hollywood has declared war on presidential candidate MICHELE BACHMANN.
Bachmann, a Republican congress­woman from Minnesota, opposes same-sex marriage and has called being gay “part of Satan.”
Her husband Marcus – who runs Christian counseling clinics – believes gays and lesbians can be “cured” of their sexual preference with prayer and has called gays “barbarians.”
His remarks prompted Cher to fire off a Twitter message blasting him as “unchristian,” adding she’d like to “strangle him with my boa!”
Other celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin and Sharon Osbourne, have also opposed Bachmann’s White House run, say sources.
And comedian Kathy Griffin boasted that she called Bachmann a “bigot” to her face.
“The state­ments she’s made show a level of igno­rance and bigotry that is really …I’m going to use the word dazzling,” Griffin told media.
Even Bachmann’s own stepsister Helen LaFave, a lesbian, has publicly blasted the candidate’s opposition to same-sex marriage – setting off a bitter family feud.
“What this really is about is insurance coverage, inheritance rights and medical decision-making,” LaFave told reporters.
“This issue has been very hurtful to me personally and divisive for our family.”
Another family insider told The ENQUIRER: “The feud has become even more bitter since Michele threw her hat in the presidential ring. Some family members actually fear for their safety due to Michele and Marcus’ outrageous views.”
With the Bachmanns’ views drawing more fire, her husband’s Bachmann & Associates clinic in suburban Minneapolis was “glitter-bombed” on July 21 by a group of gay activists dressed as barbarians.
Marcus Bachmann was not present when the activists scattered glitter in a waiting room and reception area, while some reportedly chanted: ““You can’t pray away the gay – baby, I was born this way.”
Activist Nick Espinosa, who organized and participated in the protest, told The ENQUIRER: “We all know how ridiculous the Bachmanns’ views are. But more importantly, their clinic is funded by taxpayer dollars, and I think it’s great that Cher and other celebrities are speaking out against them.”