Michael Strahan Family In Charity Scam

The host’s siblings are using his name to bilk donors!

Michael Strahan Charity Scandal — His Siblings Are Dropping His Name
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A Texas woman wants two scamming siblings of ex-NFL star Michael Strahan sacked for good!

Ethel Easter said she shelled out $5,000 to Sandra Strahan, 57, and Christopher Strahan, 48, for a Super Bowl party to benefit inner-city kids that they blew off!

After a bombshell world exclusive investigation, The National ENQUIRER can reveal Ethel’s hard-earned cash was being directed to charity TeamStrahan Sports, which was to hold a celebration in Phoenix before the big event in 2014.

Inside Michael Strahan Cheating Scandal

A week after the game, Ethel, 44, asked Sandra how the party went and was told it didn’t happen because the charity could not obtain a liquor license.

“I asked for my money back and she said Chris had it. I called Chris and he kept putting me off until he stopped taking my calls. I don’t know what he did with my money,” she recalled.

After a lawsuit, a judge ordered TeamStrahan to return her donation with interest!

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The ENQUIRER has learned that Sandra has a criminal history that includes felony indictments for forgery and identity theft.

IRS documents reveal the organization is not a tax-exempt charity, and last month, authorities stripped TeamStrahan of its corporate charter, but it still claims to be a non-profit on its Facebook page!

Other TeamStrahan Sports events, uncovered by The ENQUIRER, included a Feb. 2, 2014, “Super Bowl Viewing Party” that promised a “surprise guest” and an outing for July 9, 2015, at a shuttered New York club that was once cited for illegal stripping!

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As for Ethel, she hopes well-meaning do-gooders won’t get fleeced by the flimflamming Strahans.

“I just don’t want this to happen to anyone else again,” she said.