Michael Jackson’s Doctor’s Sinister Secrets!

Jacko doctors sinister secrets ne short

The controversial doctor accused of turning pop superstar Michael Jackson into a drug addict — and fathering two of the singer’s children — has taken his secrets to the grave!

Dr. Arnold Klein, 70, a shadowy figure throughout much of Michael’s adult life, died on Oct. 22 in Palm Springs, Calif., after battling multiple sclerosis.

The notorious physician had been close to Michael since the 1980s, when he treated the singer for the skin condition vitiligo and other ailments.

But he was first caught in the glare of fame’s spotlight when questions arose concerning who exactly fathered Michael’s children Prince, 18, and Paris, 17.

Their mother, Debbie Rowe, was Klein’s medical assistant.

Though Michael claimed his children were conceived through normal intercourse, Debbie admitted both were conceived through artificial insemination.

As the kids grew older, “their dark hair and facial features bore a resemblance to Klein’s,” an insider said.

Klein coyly deflected paternity questions, saying: “To the best of my knowledge, I’m not their father.”

But in 2013, he compared the similarities of a picture of Prince to his own photo on an old driver’s license!

After the “Thriller” star died of an overdose on June 25, 2009, Klein came under heavy fire for providing Jackson with drugs.

Jackson’s former cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Steve Hoefflin, accused Klein of getting the singer hooked on the painkiller Demerol.

“You contributed to the death of Michael Jackson,” he told Klein in a letter written after the singer’s death.

At the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray — who was convicted for giving Jackson propofol on the night of his death — attorneys produced medical records showing Klein gave Jackson 900 milligrams of Demerol over three days in 2009.

But Klein escaped any charges.

What’s more, in 2010 Klein claimed Jackson was gay — and that his office manager had had an affair with him!

But the doctor changed his tune and said he made up the story — leaving Jackson fans with yet another unsolved mystery.