Family Tradition!

Cameron Douglas — Michael’s Jailbird Son Pushing For Stardom

Druggie wants to make a Hollywood comeback!

michael douglas cameron prison acting

Cameron Douglas is staying out of prison and ready to follow in his famous dad Michael’s acting footsteps!

After serving eight years on drug charges, Cameron said he’s determined “to make his family proud.”

“My family never gave up on me, not for one second,” Cameron said, referring to his Oscar-winning dad and his stepmom, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The grandson of Kirk Douglas confessed that he quit school at 17 to become a “fully fledged addict.”

But now Cameron, 39, hopes to make amends — by getting back in front of the camera after a stalled career.

“It’s my passion,” Cameron declared. “When I’m acting, I feel free and honest. I want to show people what I can do!”