MERYL STREEP nabbed an Oscar for “The Iron Lady,” but her small town neighbors in  Salisbury, Conn., say her nickname should be “The Nasty Lady”!

“We do call her the ‘nasty lady’ because it fits,” said one person who lives near the 62-year-old star. “People see her on TV at the Academy Awards gushing about her latest Oscar, but she’s two-faced when it comes to interacting with the locals here.

“She doesn’t even want to know your name!

“I went to grammar school with Meryl’s daughter Grace, and we all thought it was really cool that her mom was famous.

“One day, after school, Meryl came on the playground to pick her up, but she was just mean to people!

“At first she wouldn’t talk to the other moms. Then, when she did, she snapped at them.

“Sometimes the other kids would ask Grace, ‘Why is your mom so mean?’

“And you could tell she didn’t know what to say.”

The reclusive actress, who has four children with her sculptor husband Don Gummer, has also been criticized for not sharing her good fortune locally and making life difficult for her neighbors.

“She lives on a very big multimil­lion-dollar property in the area, but she doesn’t give back,” said the neighbor. “In fact, she angered the locals when she shut off a road in the middle of town to rebuild a dam in front of her house.

“It was closed off for a long time and people around here were angry. But she didn’t care.”

While the neighbor had nothing good to say about the three-time Academy Award winner, Meryl’s 25-year-old daughter, Grace, was described as being “much nicer.”

“Grace stopped by a local restaurant called the Country Bistro recently to have dinner, and she was down-to-earth even though she’d just been in a Broad­way show and on the news,” the neighbor noted.

“On the other hand, Meryl won’t talk to you. You’ll see her bike through town in a flowing dress and a straw hat.

“She even told the local postmaster that she would not accept any mail that was ad­dressed to ‘Meryl Streep,’ she would only accept mail addressed to ‘Meryl Gummer,’ her married name.”