On-The-Mend Valerie Harper Tells Mary Tyler Moore: You Can Do It, Too!

Valerie harper short

Valerie Harper has made an incredible comeback from brain cancer — to give hope to old friend Mary Tyler Moore!

The stricken “Rhoda” star, 76, willed herself back to health after almost dying this past summer, according to a source. 

Valerie — who was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer in January 2013 — told an audience in May: “I’m ready. I’m ready to go.”

But then, on July 29, while preparing for a performance, Valerie suffered a health emergency that reportedly left her in a coma.  

“At that point, the future looked very grim for her,” said the source. “But she was determined to get better for Mary’s sake!

“Valerie told a pal, ‘I’m doing this for Mary. I want to show her that if I can pull through, she can, too!’”

Valerie was in fine shape during her first appearance following her setback, telling a crowd in Texas: “Listen, I was supposed to be dead in three months, maybe six, because of the kind of cancer I had.”

But, so far, she has managed to beat her death sentence — and she has done it with the help of her beloved husband and chief caretaker, Tony Cacciotti.

As for her breakdown in late July, Valerie explained: “I went to Maine to do a play, and I was doing fine, learning my lines. (But) I was having trouble repeating the lines. 

“Finally, long story short, I collapsed, pretty much.”

The actress explained a complication with her cancer treatment caused a “blockage” that was preventing her medication from working properly.

She credited her doctors, and Tony, for helping her rebound. Now, she’s got a new lease on life, and she’s hoping to help Mary get one, too!

As The National ENQUIRER reported previously, Valerie had told Mary: “I’ll see you on the other side.”

“Now, Valerie wants to see Mary on this side!” divulged the insider. “She’s hoping against hope that her miraculous comeback will be an inspiration to her.”