MELISSA GILBERT couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Christmas gift – a pain-free holiday for the first time in years!
The “Little House on the Prairie” star has long endured debilitating migraines and neck pain, but she underwent a revolutionary nerve-blocking procedure on Dec. 17 that doctors have called a “lifesaver” for people who suffer from severe headaches.
During the procedure, the patient receives an injection of an anti-inflammatory, such as a steroid or painkiller, into the occipital nerves, located in the back of the head. Incredibly, the day after receiving the injection at the Michigan Headache & Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor, Melissa tweeted that her pain was “basically gone.”
Dr. Roger Cady, Associate Executive Chairman of the National Headache Foundation and founder of the Headache Care Center in Springfield, Mo., told The ENQUIRER the treatment works like a dentist’s injection to block nerve pain.
“It’s especially effective when the migraine pain travels to the back of the head,” said Dr. Cady, who has not treated Melissa. “For someone who has suffered debilitating headaches for years, this can be very useful.”
A source close to the actress, who left Hollywood for rural Howell, Mich., after marrying “thirtysomething” star TIMOTHY BUSFIELD in April, told The ENQUIRER: “Melissa’s been wracked by severe migraines and a throbbing pain in her neck from a series of accidents for years. “She was also suffering from bulging discs, bone spurs and arthritis.
“She’s had operations in the past but nothing seems to have helped her – until now.
“It took getting married to Tim and moving to Michigan for Melissa to finally heal herself.”