Melanie Griffith’s Skin Cancer Hell!

Melanie Griffith

Still reeling after a nasty divorce from Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith appears to be facing an even scarier setback – skin cancer!

Disturbing new photos obtained by The National ENQUIRER show a large, angry red lesion on the 58-year-old actress’ nose.

“That is almost always a clear sign of skin cancer, and it looks like a horrific case,” warned Dr. Stuart Fischer, who has not treated the “Working Girl” star. “On a scale of seriousness, it’s at least a seven out of 10.”

The abrasion is alarming given Melanie’s medical history, which includes surgery in 2009 to remove the early stages of skin cancer from her face.

Dr. Fischer said: “Left on its own, this new lesion could become increasingly disfiguring.”

While Melanie did the right thing in getting early treatment for her previous skin cancer, “she should have been more vigilant in ensuring there would be no recurrence,” Dr. Fischer explained.

Now the disease may be so aggressive it could ruin her livelihood, he added. “Obviously, she needs to stay out of the sun,” our expert said. “If she does go out without sunblock, her face could be ravaged. As an actress, this could be career-threatening.”

Meanwhile, her ex celebrated turning 55 on Aug. 11 with his sweetie, Nicole Kempel, 35.

A close pal added: “Melanie is already feeling very vulnerable since Antonio so blatantly cheated on her. “Worrying about the destruction of her looks could lead to a total breakdown!”