Mel Gibson was back in court Wednesday to show a judge he completed the terms of his DUI probation. L.A. Superior Court Judge Lawrence Mira approved of Gibson’s progress since his July 2006 drunk-driving arrest to which he pleaded no contest. Mira said Gibson has so far successfully met the terms of his three-year probation, and so long as the 52-year-old actor stays on the straight and narrow, he won’t have to appear again in court.

According to reports, Gibson was hushed as Mira told him: “You’re on your own now with the self-help groups, so this is the most difficult time for you…. Good luck to you as you continue your rehabilitation.”

Gibson paid roughly $1600 in fines after his arrest. He also attended AA meetings several times a week and completed a 90-day program for drunk-driving offenders. Outside court yesterday, Deputy District Attorney Gina Satriano said Gibson also has volunteered to make a public service announcement.