35-Year Difference!

Mad Mel Gibson — Becoming A Dad At 60

Controversial star wants a ninth kid!

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Stand by for a shotgun wedding — “Mad Max” gunslinger Mel Gibson is going to be a dad for the NINTH time!

Aspiring scriptwriter Rosalind Ross, 25, is expecting the 60-year-old star’s baby.

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“They only just found out,” dished a source. “And they’re not planning on making any announcements for a few weeks, if at all.

“But Mel’s ready to do the honorable thing and make Rosey his pregnant bride.”

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Mel already has seven kids with ex-wife Robyn — plus a 6-year-old from his wild romance with Russian pop singer Oksana Grigorieva!

The “Lethal Weapon” star began dating Rosalind about a year ago, and has gushed to pals: “She makes me feel young again!”