How Cheap Is Mel Brooks? ‘Cheap,’ Say Insiders!


Mel Brooks is the Cheapest Man in Hollywood!

With a net worth of $85 million, you’d think the 89-year-old would finally start spending a few bucks.

But insiders said the “Young Frankenstein” tightwad will take anything that’s not nailed down on a movie set — and buys his clothes in thrift shops!

When he goes out to eat, he’s a waiter’s worst nightmare — sending food back repeatedly in hopes of getting a free meal.

And, like many seniors struggling on a budget, the “Blazing Saddles” mastermind pockets packets of sugar off tables so he doesn’t have to buy it!

Mel’s best pal, fellow humorist Carl Reiner, even leaves restaurants AFTER Mel so he can plunk down extra dough to cover Mel’s terrible tips!

When fed-up Carl finally called Mel out, the “Producers” legend went ballistic over being branded a “cheapskate” and refused to speak to Carl for a week!

Talk about “High Anxiety!”