Meghan’s Hollywood Dream Turns Into Nightmare!

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Prince Harry and his fame-obsessed wife Meghan’s Hollywood dream is turning into a terrible nightmare after TV titans started dumping their once ballyhooed projects!

Now, the runaway royals’ future hangs in the balance as A-listers turn their backs and the couple’s business plan faces obliteration by savage industry cost-cutting, warn insiders.

“Reality has hit the royal renegades hard,” an industry insider tells The National ENQUIRER. “Meghan thought they could simply waltz into Hollywood and become instant stars with megabuck deals. But instead she’s suffered the ultimate humiliation — being axed.”

One problem is the royals appear to lack the blockbuster content — and talent — Tinseltown kingmakers demand, spies dish. “Meghan and Harry simply haven’t delivered the goods,” explains the insider. “She’s already lost one project, but the word is others are facing the chopping block, too.”

Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, scored a jaw-dropping $100 million Netflix contract and a $25 million Spotify deal months after quitting royal duties in March 2020 and moving to their 
$14 million Montecito mansion.
But last month, Netflix suddenly canned Meghan’s semi-autobiographical animated TV series “Pearl” as the streaming service faces a financial reboot amid a major loss of subscribers.

Then the diva duchess’ upcoming, women-empowering podcast for Spotify was branded “passe” and a likely failure. Harry’s much-touted involvement as chief impact officer at the online mental health company BetterUp has now drawn fire, too, with employees complaining about low wages and abusive work schedules!

“Meghan and Harry are finding out the hard way that Hollywood is a brutal, unforgiving place no matter how well known you are,” dishes another insider. “Tinseltown’s movers and shakers aren’t interested in the self-promoting couple’s woke agenda — and it seems most Americans aren’t either. People have zero interest in hearing the Sussexes preach about the environment and the travails of economic disparity when they fly around the globe in fuel-guzzling private jets and flaunt their wealth with designer fashions and glittering jewels at charity events.”

“Without an ongoing connection to the royal fairytale, they’re getting the cold shoulder from Hollywood’s most elite A-listers.”Harry and Meghan “completely under­estimated” how hard life would be without backing from Buckingham Palace, notes biographer Tina Brown, author of The Palace Papers.

“The palace has amazing power, and now all of that is gone,” she explains. “Meghan doesn’t really have a brand and nothing is really going anywhere for her.” Haughty Meghan will be furious at being dropped by Netflix, dishes a high-level palace source.“The public humiliation will drive her nuts,” says the source. “She’ll be blaming everyone except herself and desperate to get back into the spotlight.”

The palace fears the Sussexes will try to do that by spilling more dirt about the royal family.
“The couple has raised the bar high for themselves,” says the royal source. “They’ve already branded Harry’s family racist and accused them of not helping Meghan when she was suicidal.” And last month Harry strongly implied 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth needed “protection” from the “people around her,” triggering a new firestorm.

Harry is also penning a 
$20 million tell-all memoir that’s expected to expose more scandalous behavior by the royals. “Studio honchos want the juicy stuff — exclusive money-making dirt, not preachy productions and an Invictus Games documentary,” scoffs the palace source.

Instead, Harry and Meghan may have to take the same path as the Kardashians, even capitalizing on their never-seen children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 11 months, the palace spies dish.“The buzz is the Sussexes could launch a reality show like ‘The Renegade Royals of Montecito!’ ” says the source. “Baring their personal lives and their bitter war with Britain’s future kings would be a blockbuster!”

“But it would also be a new palace nightmare and another nail in their royal coffin.”