Mayim’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Meltdown

Mayim Bialik

Battered Mayim Bialik is whining about being a public punching bag since she started sharing hosting duties with Ken Jennings on Jeopardy!

The Big Bang Theory geek, 46, recently huffed about online critics having a “great time” at her expense.
Tipsters snitch Mayim feels she’s being targeted because vocal viewers wanted Ken to have the gig all to himself. Sources claim the quiz show champ was tapped by host Alex Trebek as his preferred successor prior to the TV legend’s 2020 death from pancreatic cancer.

Ken, 47, also became a Jeopardy! fan favorite after notching a record 74-episode win streak in 2004.
Mayim and Ken were selected to share the prime-time and syndicated broadcasts, and a source dishes, “She’s been dealing with blowback ever since! Everyone expected Ken to get the gig, and his fans have been filleting her!”

Most recently, she was skewered after being inaccurately portrayed as an “anti-vaxxer.”“I have never, not once said the vaccines were not valuable, not useful or not necessary because they are,” she says. “The internet jury decided I was a danger to my children, a disgrace to science and a member of the Hollywood elite responsible for the killing of babies!”

The actress admits, “I’m not everybody’s cup of tea.” However, the insider adds miserable Mayim’s “had enough” and won’t linger long at a place she doesn’t feel welcome!