Matt Lauer: “No Cheat” Ultimatum From Wife


“TODAY” host Matt Lauer went to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, with orders from his long-suffering wife Annette Roque to behave or else!

Sources told The ENQUIRER that’s the mar­riage misery for the 56-year-old father of three, who has a net worth of $60 million and has a long history of cheating scandals.

“Matt going off to Sochi for the Winter Games brought back bad memories for Annette,” said a source. In 2006, while pregnant with the couple’s third child, Annette filed for divorce amid rumors that Matt had been involved with “Today” col­league Natalie Morales during the coverage of the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. Annette with­drew the paperwork a month later.

“While Matt has tried hard in recent years to get Annette to trust him, going back to the Olympics reminded her of the rumors of him and Natalie,” a second source told The ENQUIRER.

The “New York Daily News” reported in late January that “a secret, steamy relationship between one of NBC’s best-known on-air personali­ties and a network executive has been put on ice because the duo fear their naughty behavior will be exposed by eavesdropping Russian agents” in Sochi.

An online “guessing game” as to who was involved ensued, but Lauer de­nied any involvement.

“Those type of stories hit a nerve in Annette,” said the first source.

Just two years after their 1998 wedding, Annette learned that Matt had an affair with married 26-year-old Jessica Thorman while they were engaged.

But on Valentine’s Day, Lauer made it a point to tell “Today” show viewers that he had sent his wife back in New York flowers from Russia and hoped they had arrived on time.

Said the second source: “You can’t blame Annette for worrying if Matt would cheat again after all she’s been through.”