Matt Lauer Lara Spencer Divorce

Less than 30 days after The National ENQUIRER exposed Matt Lauer’s lust for his morning rival Lara Spencer, the blonde bombshell shocked the tight-knit television industry with the announcement that her 15-year marriage has torpedoed! 

“After a lot of thought, care and consideration, we have decided to end our marriage,” she said in a statement. “It’s a sad decision that did not come easily, especially because we respect and love each other and our children. “They remain our top priority. We will raise them and care for them together.”

But behind the scenes, the split has been anything but civil, The ENQUIRER can reveal – with allegations of shameless flirting and that she abandoned the union!

“The relatgionship really fell apart when Lara was working for ‘The Insider’ and they were living in Los Angeles,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “She was never home and was always working.”

Lara’s soon-to-be ex-husband David, 47, had been the primary caregiver for their two children, Kate, 10, and Duff, 13, added the insider, causing more strain.

“Lara was the primary breadwinner,” said the source. “Even though David comes from old money, Lara earned significantly more. She wore the pants in the relationship!”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, the notorious “Today” womanizer, 57, was even busted by his longsuffering wife Annette for flirting up a storm with the leggy 45-yearold anchor, multiple sources said. Lara once accidentally dialed Matt from her cellphone and Annette took the call!

Said a source: “Matt and Lara became overly fast pals. Their closeness raised eyebrows!” Meanwhile, Matt remains in a desperate battle to make his own marriage survive in the wake of the scandal.

“It’s been a living hell for Matt now that Annette is on to him and Lara,” said a mutual pal. “She’s put him in the doghouse, and you can bet your bottom dollar she has him on a short leash!

“Now that Lara is ending her marriage, Annette has a lot to worry about. She’s on high alert,” added the insider.

“Annette wants Lara to stay clear of Matt – and double that for him hanging out with her any time soon,” said the source. “She’s demanding that he delete her contact information from his phone.”