Mary Tyler Moore Suicide Drama

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Showbiz legend MARY TYLER MOORE wants to die with dignity – just like her terminally ill brother, who tried to commit suicide 24 years ago, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

“Mary’s just about at the end of her rope,” a family friend said. “Her once-steely will to fight the good fight, to overcome her myriad health woes, is fading fast. She’s ready to meet her maker.”

The ENQUIRER can reveal the star, now 78, tried to help her 47-year-old brother, John Hackett Moore, find eternal peace when he was at the end of his cancer battle in 1991.

As Mary revealed in her biography, “After All,” she and her brother attempted an assisted suicide: She laced ice cream with high-powered drugs in a desperate attempt to free John of his unbearable pain.

“He asked me to mash them [the pills] into ice cream, the only food his stomach could tolerate,” she wrote. “There wasn’t much to say, and when he extended his hand, I silently gave him the first batch of pills and water, which he took until he couldn’t stand the taste anymore.”

But her brother’s tolerance to the lethal cocktail was so high, he lived through the attempt. John would die three months later, surrounded by family in his hospital room.

Mary hasn’t been seen in public since April 2013, when she was pictured in a wheelchair at Los Angeles International Airport.

Said the source: “Despite John’s failed attempt, Mary is steadfast that she did the right thing when she tried to put her brother out of his misery, and has been contemplating ending her own [life] this way.”

What’s more, as she lies on her deathbed, Mary is constantly dreaming of seeing her son, Richard Meeker, who died at age 24 in 1980.

“Every so often, Mary will say, ‘I’ll be with Richie soon,’” the source told The ENQUIRER. Had Richie lived, he would be turning 59 on July 3.

        Said the pal: “With summer here, Mary can’t help but think of her little boy’s birthday. If there was ever a time to take matters into her own hands, now is sadly that time.”