Rich & Lonely!

Martha Stewart ‘Crushed’ By Lack Of Love Life

Not ready to settle into grandmother mode!

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Domestic goddess Marta Stewart has one domestic problem she can’t fix — the man-hungry blonde is convinced she’s going to die alone!

“Sadly, Martha has given up the ghost of ever finding a guy to share her golden years with,” a friend spilled.
“She says that ship has sailed.”

Martha, who turns 75 this summer, maintains a 153-acre farm filled with horses, donkeys, chickens and peacocks — but nary a stud in sight!

Martha Stewart Gets Stoned!

Her last on-and-off relationship ended in 2008 when billionaire boyfriend of more than 10 years CHARLES SIMONYI dumped her … and married an heiress 40 years Martha’s junior!

“That was really ego-crushing,” the pal dished. “Martha’s gone on a few dates since, but nothing clicked.”

Left with no other choice, Martha has thrown herself into the role of doting grandmother to daughter Alexis’ kids: Jude, 5, and 4-year-old Truman.

According to our insider: “Martha never saw herself as a grandmother type — but it’s really helped her through some lonely times, having grandkids to cuddle.”