Marlon Brando’s Torment: ‘I’m A Liar And A Beast!’


Secret tape recordings made by screen legend Marlon Brando reveal his hatred for Hollywood and how he branded his glittering movie career as nothing more than “bulls–t!”

And when it came to his notorious sex drive, the actor — who fathered 16 children from three marriages and countless affairs — admitted he was “a beast” who “had women coming in the door, going out the window.”

The Oscar winner, who died in 2004 at age 80, bared his hidden anguish in more than 200 hours of never-before-heard audio recordings, some made under self-hypnosis — now revealed in an explosive documentary, “Listen to Me Marlon.”

“I didn’t make any great movies. There’s no such thing as a great movie,” says “The Godfather” legend.

“There are no artists. We are businessmen. We’re merchants. There is no art. It’s all bulls–t.”

The Tinseltown giant candidly revealed how being an actor sickened him.

“I can’t stand it. I hate it,” Marlon said. “To have people staring at you like an animal in the zoo … it’s been a struggle to try to preserve sanity and a sense of reality taken away by success.

“Lying for a living, that’s what acting is. If I hadn’t had the good luck to be an actor, I would probably have been a con man. A good con man.”

In another shocking revelation, Marlon admitted to using fame to feed his huge sexual appetite.

“The beast aspect of my personality overtook anything that was reasonable, rational, moral or decent,” he confessed.

“Past a certain point, the penis has its own agenda.

“A lot of your decisions are made by your penis and not your brain!”

The candid documentary also uncovered the secret childhood demons behind Brando’s self-destruction — his hatred for his tyrant father who beat him, and for his mother who abandoned her kids for the bottle.

Said the bitter star: “I’d have been better off in an orphanage!”