"Don’t look at my butt!” Former “Saved by the Bell” star Mario Lopez stunned the crowd when he yelled those bizarre words at producers during a taping of a children’s event at an outdoor mall.

“Mario was a complete jerk!” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “People were whispering, ‘What’s wrong with Mario?’”

During a “Kid’s Day” promotion at The Grove in Los Angeles on Feb. 3, an eyewitness said Mario, 37, ignored the director and yelled at crew members filming for the celebrity news program “Extra.”

“When some bongos began to play during his monologue, he screamed, ‘Are you guys (bleeping) kidding?’ People were shocked at his language!” said the source.

“Once when the director asked him to get on his mark, Mario ignored him. Later he looked the guy straight in the eye, then spun around and started texting on his phone.

“When he was finally ready to start, Mario kept messing up his lines and accused the crew of distracting him. At one point he hissed at them, ‘Will you guys be quiet?’”

Mario and his girlfriend, Broadway actress Courtney Mazza, became first-time parents when their daughter Gia was born five months ago. He is currently the host of the MTV show “America’s Best Dance Crew” and also for “Extra.”

“You’d think he’d be better behaved at a kids’ day promotion now that he has one of his own,” the source said.

The strangest part of his diva act came when “Mario screeched to producers that he didn’t want anyone to look at his butt!” the eyewitness said.

“It was kids’ day! The last thing anyone was thinking about was Mario’s butt! To me his behavior seemed really absurd.”