Marilyn Monroe’s Mortician Tells all

Some Like It Hot - 1959
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Marilyn Monroe looked more like a horror movie fright on her deathbed than a love goddess, dishes Hollywood ­mortician Allan Abbott, who reveals the Some Like It Hot siren suffered from saggy breasts and frizzy, badly dyed hair — and her famous face was covered in ugly bruises as she lay stone cold on his embalming table!

The 36-year-old sex queen was found at home lifeless and naked, face down in bed and holding a phone with an empty pill bottle next to her on Aug. 5, 1962.

In his tell-all book about his work as a celebrity undertaker, the co-founder of Hollywood’s Abbott & Hast Morticians says the gruesome corpse he inspected looked “awful” and “unrecognizable.”

“When we removed the sheet covering her, it was almost impossible to believe this was the body of Marilyn ­Monroe,” says Abbott, whose firm also handled Natalie Wood’s funeral. “She looked like a very average, aging woman who had not been ­taking very good care of herself.”

Her gorgeous face was covered with purple blotches due to lividity, the settling and discoloration of blood.

Her neck was “immensely swollen” and had to be reduced by surgery for burial. Her famed platinum hair was brown at the roots.

“You could tell she had not bleached it for some time, because the roots were darker and had grown out about half an inch,” notes Abbott.

“Her natural hair color was a light brown. Her legs hadn’t been shaved for at least a week, and her lips were badly chapped. She was also in need of a manicure and pedicure.”

Shockingly at her young age, the proud breasts that were part of her fame had turned saggy, according to sources. She’d been using fake boobs that were found in the death house.

For her funeral, the wife of the cemetery’s manager shoved cotton wool into Marilyn’s bra to make her look “more like herself.” Monroe’s corpse was dressed for the funeral, but without undies since she never wore panties in life.

Her death from a barbiturate overdose was ruled probable suicide.

But as the National ENQUIRER has reported, the thrice-divorced beauty was secretly bedding President John F. Kennedy and his ­attorney general brother, Robert F. Kennedy.

Sources believe RFK arranged her death — and had it staged like a suicide — to stop her from going public about her affair with the president.