Fatal Attraction? Joe DiMaggio Murder Plot To Avenge Marilyn Monroe

Monroe's ex-husband planned hit on Robert Kennedy — 'National Enquirer Investigates!'

Marilyn monroe joe dimaggio murder plot

Joe DiMaggio was filled with grief, rage and despair when his ex-wife Marilyn Monroe fatally overdosed in 1962. RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned the late baseball player swore on Monroe’s grave to avenge the love of his life by killing Bobby Kennedy!

And it was no idle threat. Friends say DiMaggio, who had a violent temper, was quite capable of doing the deed himself – or calling in a favor from Mob pals. But FBI documents reveal DiMaggio was in no hurry to take his revenge – he’d wait until RFK left public office!

Until then, DiMaggio would savor how he’d banned the Kennedys, Frank Sinatra and Monroe’s other Hollywood cronies from her funeral. He knew the inside story of her final days in all the heartbreaking detail.

Although their marriage had floundered, DiMaggio and Monroe had been seeing each other again in the months before her death. The retired slugger confided to pals he intended to propose to his ex-wife.

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But there was one major flaw in his plan – the shadowy figure of RFK, who he knew lied to Monroe and convinced her he’d leave wife Ethel and their children.

To a proud man like DiMaggio, the way the Kennedys toyed with Monroe’s emotions made his blood boil, particularly as he was pursuing her himself.

According to the FBI file, the last call Monroe received before she died was from her ex-stepson, Joe DiMaggio Jr., who was in the U.S. Marines stationed near San Diego.

“They were very friendly,” the file reports. “Marilyn told him she was getting sleepy. Joe DiMaggio Sr. knows the whole story and is reported to have stated when Robert Kennedy gets out of office, he intends to kill him.'” It continues, “Joseph DiMaggio Jr. knew of the affair between Robert Kennedy and Marilyn.”

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Surprisingly, there is no indication the FBI acted on the information about DiMaggio’s promise to kill RFK. Agency insiders suggest Hoover directed his field office to let the matter lie, fearing a probe would reveal Monroe’s phone and home had been illegally bugged.

It is also unclear whether government officials thought DiMaggio was simply blowing off steam when he made the threat.

But friends say DiMaggio was absolutely intent on stepping up to the plate for the greatest hit of his career saying Kennedy “murdered the one person I truly loved.”

He promised Monroe he’d settle the score as she lay in state on Aug. 8, 1962.

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Before her bronze casket was closed the final time, a sobbing DiMaggio leaned over the dead beauty and whispered something inaudible. Then he placed three roses in her hands, gave Monroe a last kiss and told her: “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

Bobby Kennedy was a marked man. DiMaggio refused to shake Kennedy’s hand when they met at New York’s Yankee Stadium after a couple of years after Monroe died saying: “What they did to me will never be forgotten.”

Only Kennedy’s June 6, 1968, death at the hands of hotel assassin Sirhan Sirhan saved RFK from DiMaggio’s wrath. He shed no tears when either of the Kennedy brothers died, insisting: “They got what they deserved.”

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