Mariah Carey’s Fiancé Snoozed Through Her Set!

James Packer slept through his diva’s performance.

Mariah carey splash
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Au$$ie billionaire James Packer got damn lucky in La$ Vega$ when he dozed off during a performance by fiancée Mariah Carey: His star/diva/bitch luckily DIDN’T catch him! Reports My Wide-Awake Vega$ $py: “James, super jet-lagged after flying in from Kangaroo Land, insisted on watching his honey perform and forced himself to stay up. But after Mariah hit the stage, he totally DOZED — eyes tight-shut and mouth wide open! Two Mariah BFFs seated with him gasped, then quickly nudged him awake before his trigger-tempered sweetie spotted him snoozing. Girl woulda gone CRAZY!”