As Mariah Carey Comes Out To Play … Her Sister Rots Away In A Looney Bin!

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MARIAH CAREY is hiding a shocking mental ward secret!

While the diva made headlines partying with her billionaire beau on a champagne-soaked yacht in the south of France, her troubled sister was locked up in a New York hospital, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

Former prostitute Alison Carey, 54, has been in the facility since suffering a severe head injury in a mysterious attack at her home three months ago.

When she finally came to her senses, Alison – a heroin-addicted mother of four – was incarcerated in a psychiatric ward at a clinic on Long Island.

In an anguished cry for help, Alison reached out to The ENQUIRER, claiming she was being held against her will, and her famous sister hasn’t helped her!

“I need a lawyer to get me out of this hospital because there is no reason to keep me in here for three months,” Alison said in an exclusive interview from Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center.

An ENQUIRER reporter tried to visit Alison at the clinic, but was turned away after being interrogated by a hospital lawyer who insisted she was not allowed even invited guests.

Alison claimed she complained about the incident, and when she refused to take a sedative, a team of hospital staffers allegedly restrained her, and injured her rib cage in the process.

“They beat the living sh-t out of me that night!” Alison told The ENQUIRER days later.

Alison said she landed in the hospital after a mystery man stole jewelry from her apartment, and she woke up with a three-inch gash in the back of her head and a busted mouth.

“I don’t remember getting in a car with this person, and I don’t remember going to my house. But I remember being at my house and he was taking my jewelry,” Alison said.

While Alison remained at Brookhaven, Mariah, 46, was spotted in Spain and Italy with Australian billionaire James Packer.

Later, she visited Jerusalem with her adorable 4-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

In a twist on the scandal, Mariah also generously helped out a former backup singer, Deborah Cooper, with more than $25,000 to help her fight liver cancer, prompting Deborah to say: “Mariah saved my life!”

But destitute Alison said she misses her sister, and recently listened to her song, “I’ll Be There,” along with several other favorites.

“She’s my sister! She’s my baby sister! How can I not love her?” Alison cried.

In a bombshell tell-all, The ENQUIRER recently reported that Mariah and Alison’s brother Morgan, 55, claimed their drunkard mother Pat, 78, ruined their lives by subjecting them to years of abuse.

Alison recalled buying food for Mariah when their opera singer mother was out on all-night drunken benders.

“She [Mariah] would call me up crying because she was so scared to be alone, to be by herself at 2 in the morning. She was 12 and 13, and I was 20,” she said. “I did everything I could possibly think of for Mariah.”

Alison also claimed that her mother has kept her locked up at Brookhaven with the help of high-powered Long Island lawyer Stephen Grossman.

Repeated messages left by The ENQUIRER at Grossman’s office were not returned.

Morgan also told The ENQUIRER that Mariah – reportedly worth $510 million – is “suicidal and insane” and has been popping pills and exploding in alcoholic rages.

But as she stares at the four walls of her room in a psychiatric ward, Alison is the one who desperately needs her sister’s help!

Alison begged The ENQUIRER: “Please tell Mariah to get me out of here! She must know what’s happened to me! I want out!”