LATEST! MARIA SHRIVER offically filed divorce papers Friday afternoon citing "irreconcilable differences" with her cheating hubby Arnold Schwarzenegger.
And, sources say, Maria will take NO prisoners in her divorce war.
“Maria wants to completely destroy Ar­nold, and she’ll stop at nothing to exact her revenge,” a longtime family friend told The ENQUIRER.
“Maria says she’s suf­fered at Arnie’s hands for years, and he disgusts her.Nothing but total annihi­lation of his public image and private life will do.”
Heartbro­ken after learning her 63-year-old husband of 25 years had fathered a love child with the couple’s longtime housekeeper, Maria methodically laid out a plan to destroy him, sources say.
“Her first move was to make sure Arnold is persona non grata with the Kennedy clan,” a second source said.
“She had him banished from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port and even Photoshopped his image out of dozens of family pictures.”
Her next step will be to demand the actor-turned-politician’s settle their divorce, said the family friend.
“If Arnold fights her, Maria has absolutely no compunction about taking him (out),” said the source.
“If that happens, every one of Arnie’s dirty little secrets will come out.”
Maria, 55, is asking for joint custody of the couple's two teen sons, Christopher, 13, and Patrick, 17.