Eat, Pray Love star JULIA ROBERTS went through a baker’s dozen before settling down with hubby Danny Moder.  Can’t tell the players without a scorecard? Not any more . . .

Before cameraman Danny Moder finally won the heart of Hollywood’s runaway bride – getting Julia Roberts to settle down and become a mom – the  Oscar-winning beauty, 42,  had more than a dozen lovers – and at least nine were her leading men!

star Dylan Walsh was still a New York waiter when he and Julia began dating in 1986. A year later, the actress fell for Liam Neeson and the two had a torrid affair while filming Satisfaction.

They lived together until she met and fell for Dylan McDermott on the 1988 set of Steel Magnolias. The two got engaged, but Julia dumped him in October 1989 when she met Kiefer Sutherland on Flatliners.

Julia and Kiefer announced their engagement and were set for an elaborate studio-planned wedding.

But five days before the big event, she caused a scandal by running off to Ireland with actor Jason Patric – Kiefer’s close friend.

Julia also broke up with Jason, and began a four-month fling with yet another actor, Daniel Day-Lewis.

Next she started making music with country star Lyle Lovett and shocked the world when they got hitched in 1993.

But just like a country tune, the marriage collapsed after Lyle two-timed his pretty woman with both his sexy blonde ex-girlfriend, Allison Inman, AND old flame Ashley Judd.

The singer and the film star separated in March 1995 and subsequently divorced.

Next Julia hooked up with Friends star Matthew Perry, who got muscled by fitness trainer Pat Manocchia after he was hired to pump up Julia for My Best Friend’s Wedding.

In 1996, the actress enjoyed a wild fling with ruggedly handsome bartender Ross Partridge before moving on to Law & Order hunk Benjamin Bratt.

They might have made it to the altar after four years together, until Benjamin reportedly got a look at some amorous photos of Julia with her ex-boyfriend Ross.

Rumors of romance swirled around Julia and George Clooney while lensing Ocean’s Eleven.

But the one who truly captured her heart was a married Danny Moder after they met on The Mexican set in 2001.

Following Danny’s divorce, Julia married him on July 4, 2002, and today they have three children.

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